B i o g r a p h y

   Brad's signature Blue Glitter Beard look has graced the presence of Conan O'Brien who dubbed him "Future Man".  A few years later Brads look surfaced yet again literally right behind Bernie Sanders at a Rally and then went viral with everyone talking about the Blue Beard Glasses Guy in addition to being on Every Major News Network and even got roasted on FOX News and on Comedy Centrals @midnight by Chris Hardwick.


In addition to being the Original Glitter Beard Brad's a Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Animation Voice Actor, Activist, Live Broadcaster, Paranormal Investigator under the guidance of Jodie Parks (Paranormal Investigator, Queen on Burps,  Winner of  Paranormal Challenge (Episode - La Purisima 2011)


Brad made his acting debut in the "Film/Movie" Showgirls 2 "the Cut" as" Caesar Stardust" (The Devil) Leader an Underground Cult Sex Club. Brad has been "Obsessed" with the Movie SHOWGIRLS since he was 17 so playing this role was a dream come True!  He also wrote, sang, and produced the song "Whore of Demons" the Legend meets Rocky Horror Picture Show Esque track which he sang in the "Film/Movie". No soundtrack was Ever Released for SG2.


Brad moved to Hollywood California nearly a year after Filming Showgirls 2 making his Professional Singing Debut covered in Glitter at the Legendary House of Blues in Hollywood! That's when he met Jodie Parks and filmed and appeared in the Paranormal Documentary "Open Minded Paranormal" singing "whore of demons" in the Demon Room at the Haunted Linda Vista Hospital. Jodie loved "Whore of Demons" so much she used in the Documentary. After that Brad accompanies Jodie on almost all her paranormal investigations Filming and doing some investigating of his own!


Brad recorded Backup Vocals for K'Sandra (LA music Award Nominee/Best Electronic Artist, Single of the Year) Appearing on the songs "Soft Spot" & "Damned if I Know" with the Incomparable Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd, Blue Pearl, Flashdance). 

Now  on FaceBook you can watch and interact with Brad's LIVE Broadcasts on the #DAMNews where he does Voice Acting work for the controversial #DAMNews Animation Report!